Final reflections

5 Dec

Since I have been a student here at Georgia College a lot of simple things have changed. For Example my sleeping habits have definitely changed before I would go to bed before twelve now I don’t go to bed until sometime after. But this extra time isn’t for nothing I am usually up working on something whether it is reading for a class or writing a paper. I also work on the stuff throughout the day if I have a free hour between classes I will sit and read for another class so I can get work done. Another thing that has changed is that because I have friends that live right down the hall or right up stairs I spend more time with them than I normally would. This happens simply because I can.  In high school I almost never studied but here I at least read over my notes before a test.

Also a big difference I have noticed since I have been here which may have come about because of the sleep and studying is I drink coffee and lots of it. This is partially because I like the taste of it because it usually is some kind of flavored coffee but also the need to keep myself awake and alert. One of the social differences is now at meals if I see someone I know sitting alone I either ask to join them or if I am with someone I ask them to join us. Also I have just talked a lot more in general whether it is socially or just interacting in class joining in on the discussions. I find if funny that I still have managed to have a scheduled meal time for the most part like I usually eat breakfast at 10 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m., and then dinner at 6 p.m. generally I stick to theses times. The only time I don’t is on Fridays I eat breakfast at 8 if I am hungry because I have class at 10 a.m. on Fridays. I have had a few issues since I have been here but luckily I have some one that I could trust to talk to. As the semester has gone on I have realized that I definitely chose the right school because everyone is friendly and there are a bunch of people that have things in common with me. One thing that I like is that there are a good number of Christians all around campus which is great compared to most colleges.

Since the beginning of the semester I have definitely made a lot of decisions academically that I wasn’t sure of before meaning I know I really do want to be an English major. A major thing I have decided is after I finish my undergraduate I want to go for my masters in secondary education to teach English at the high school level. This was a major decision for me that I didn’t expect to make but I believe it is the right one. Something that I thought was weird was I told my senior English teacher from high school about my decision and he told me he wasn’t surprised. That surprised me because I didn’t even know until a few weeks ago.

So this semester has been a roller coaster of change, adjustments and becoming an adult. Part of my adjustment is just being on my own with no one to tell me what to do, where to go and when I have to do something or go somewhere. Also not telling me what not to do and where I can’t go. Now it’s ultimately my decision and it’s up to me to make the right choices. This is harder than I realized because there are a lot of times where I have wanted to do something social when I needed to work on a paper so I had to give up social time to do work that I needed to do. One of the other things I did this semester was I finally released something that I wrote for people to see which was a big step for me. It was a review on a book that was written by a student here and since I know the girl I got to watch her read it which any writer knows is a nerve racking experience. Thank goodness the girl liked it and was thankful to me for writing it. So I have learned a lot about responsibilities like getting up on time, going to class, and working on stuff when I am supposed to do it.

I think I have done a pretty good job at this because I have only ever missed one day and that was because I was sick, and I have never been late to a class. So my first semester here at Georgia College has been a learning experience but I think it was made easier. This is because I had a lot of good professors and also my CA as well as some of the other CA’s in my building (Napier) have been very helpful. For example 2 of the CA’s held something the morning of registration to help us with it when neither of them had to be up that early. So over the course of the semester I have learned valuable lessons and picked up a few new habits.


Frames of Reference

28 Nov

This piece angered me because i hate racism its stupid and hurtful. For example my friend from church Keeno would tell me about kids being mean to him and assuming that he was a bad kid just because he is black. This made me so angry i was ready to go kick butt because he is like my little brother and he is just a geeky little guy. I agree with the author for the most part except when he starts talking about republicans and assuming that all republican’s are racist. That in it of itself is the same thing because both are stereotyping. 

Do you think the AP was wrong to label the 2 pictures that were pretty much the exact same differently? The one label with negative connotation and the other label with positive connotation.

Do you think the author is guilty of stereotyping just like the AP? 

There’s no place like home

26 Nov

This piece is about how more people are starting to support local businesses because more people are staying put in one place. This makes them care more about the area around them. Also people are not constantly moving and adjusting to a new place they will actually become invested in surrounding business. Since some people are starting to work online from home they save time because there is no commute this means they have time to go out in the community and do something. As this society moves to a more stable suburban life style they have more time to spend in local businesses. In some cases this is true but in my small town where I come from which I have lived in for 14 years I don’t go to many of those places and I have no idea who owns them. But I do know some of the local officials and stuff simply because they were involved in the schools but that’s it.

Do you think this will help or hurt the economy?

Was this the case in the town you came from?

See baby discriminate

14 Nov

This essay is very repetitive. It has a good message but even though it showed that it was a problem it didn’t show how to fix it. I never really thought about it because I grew up in a diverse school and even before I went to school when I was in Pre-School it wasn’t just Caucasian or African American we had Laocean, Egyptian and many others. To me it didn’t make a difference and honestly it all boils down to what attitude the parent has towards the other race. To me I didn’t see my friends as different I only saw them by their name. Granted now I do know the difference but race doesn’t matter to me its attitude and beliefs that makes me decide who to hang out with. That being said when we had foreign exchange kids at my school even in high school I was very interested in learning about them and being their friend.

How does race effect how you choose your friends?

Did your parents talk about race? Did whether or not they did affect how you saw race?

The Great American Bubble machine

12 Nov

This essay was clearly written buy some one who got burnt by the stock market. While he does argue and give “facts” non of which can stand up because they have serious Economic issues even people with basic understanding of economics could see. His math is skewed so it seems like its worse than it is. Don’t get me wrong Goldman does have issues but it wasn’t the cause of all the things it said.

Do you believe what this guy is spewing?

Do you think its actually accurate?


Comparison of the Newman and Warren essay’s

31 Oct

In Catherine Newman’s essay” I Do Not- Why I Won’t Marry” she explains how marriage makes women an object. When a women and man get married the man is taking ownership of the women.  She changed her name to his and is initially signing her life to be committed to him. The man is the one usually ask for the women’s hand in marriage, he is the one in charge. Marriage has become a societal requirement it seems. There is a pressure from friends and family and society in general to find someone and get married. Once a man and a woman do marry the man is seen as the head of the household, the money maker, while the woman stays home and cleans and takes care of the kids. This is what Judith Warner talked about in “This Mess” About the struggle of traditional gender roles expected of men and women. She also discusses how in France men spend more time with their kids than their American counter parts. This is partly because many more mothers did work full time jobs and partly because, even in families where the husband’s sole wage earner, the cultural context that was leading American husbands to lord it over their wives was largely missing. This is a problem in America because the husband usually is the sole wage earner. This causes a hierarchy to form where the man’s status gets raised above the woman’s, which is not healthy for any relationship. Both Newman and Warren focus on personal experiences as evidence in order to prove their points and address the problem of the roles of both the man and woman in a relationship and parenthood.

Work v.s. Family, complicated by Race

31 Oct

She talks about how Motherhood for rich black women is a lot different than that of motherhood for rich white women. They aren’t focused on self-fulfillment but on the need to build sustainable wealth and security for their families. She has a quote from Pamela walker that says “my family can afford expensive things, but why would I think about spending hundreds on a stroller when I could help a cousin buy textbooks for college? That is not my world” Which really is true because most of these women come from less or have family that have less so they are more appreciative of what they have and so they think of others before they think about spending their money on lavish things they see the more worthwhile uses for their money.