My education

17 Aug

First grade

I have this teacher Mrs. Reading she is the coolest teacher in all of first grade she lets us do all kinds of fun stuff! Since we learned how to read in kindergarten last year I can read books now! Earlier today my teacher hands me a book by Shel Silverstein it called a light in the attic. The book has bunches of cool story’s Mrs. Reading call’s them poems. My favorite is little Abigail and the beautiful pony. She says that if my mom helps me memorize it then I can read it in the poetry recitation!

Third grade

“I’m going to have a little brother?” I say and then Lauren says “can’t you send it back?” the truth is I am going to be a big sister again. As September comes closer my mom’s stomach slowly grows before my eyes and sure enough on September 20, 2002 I had a new baby brother.

Eighth grade

Finally my time has come after seeing all the people at my church including my older sister does it. After having 3 different pastors teach me the same thing the time has finally come I am being confirmed. I am finally going to be able to drink from those little cups and put it in the tray like everyone else. My biggest worry is what if I don’t like it?  What if I do a spit take in front of everyone all over my pastors white robe! That would be horrible. Now it’s time as I take mine I tip it up and think here goes nothing. Hey that’s not so bad it actually kind of taste good.

Ninth grade

I am laying here worrying about my pawpaw. I know he has been sick with cancer for a while. But I don’t want him to die or at least not before I can see and talk to him one more time! So I can say goodbye and that I love him and get one last hug that only he can give. Then have him say ‘who loves pawpaw?’ and watch everyone raise their hands and say, ‘me!’  Also to have him tell me that he is proud of me and everything I have done. That he knows of all the good I will do. I just want to hear him tell me he loves me one last time. Then as I here Lauren coming into our room I can tell she has been crying and then she comes in and says, “I just heard daddy on the phone saying ‘I’m sorry honey I wish I could have been there for you.’” In that one instance I know my worst fears have been confirmed my wonderful loving pawpaw has died and I will never get to say goodbye.

Tenth grade

As I am riding in the car with my family on the way home from school I am day dreaming as usual and I go on to tell my mom all about my dream. Well at least that’s how it started out and then over the course of the day my mind transformed it into something so much bigger. As we pulled in the drive way my mom says “why don’t you write a book? Your always creating a story in your head why not put it on paper for people to read?” Sure enough I go and sit down at the computer and at this moment Sara Stanwood is born along with my love of writing and the decision of my future career path.

Eleventh grade

Today all the teachers have something posted outside their door about where they went for college and something about the school. We are supposed to look around right down stuff about them ask questions and of course like any other Georgia girl I wanted to go to UGA when I graduated High school. But I do as I am told and I go talk to teachers one of which is my English teacher P. White and he recommends that I check out Georgia College and State University.  Little did I know then but less than 2 years later I am here at Georgia College working on an assignment for English 1101.

Twelfth grade

Ok today’s the day I just know it I will go online and check my status okay type in my information and there its loading any minute now it should be coming up just about now. Oh I can’t look I can’t do it what if it says denied? That would be the end of me I will literally have no purpose but to work at McDonald’s for the rest of my life! Ok I just have to look. So I open my eyes and it says wait listed I can’t be wait listed this is the only school I wanted to go to! The one I have really and truly wanted to go to. I deserve to go! I am smart enough I worked hard enough heck I am so close to having Zel Miller that I can taste it! How could they wait list me! I check my email and it says to email them to let them know that I am actually interested in being on the wait list. So I politely email them telling them that I would love to be on the wait list. I mean what else was I supposed to say? Oh no I just applied to go to the school I don’t actually want to go!  So I check for a week waiting for it to change and then one day  I am checking it, and all of a sudden it’s different it says one magical word  Accepted. I am officially going to college! Now all I have to do is waiting for high school to end!

Ok so tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for my whole life my graduation day! I have dreamed about this day my whole life and it’s finally here! There is only one thing missing from my dream my pawpaw will not be there because he is in heaven.

As I stand here them calling everyone’s names ahead of me I am just waiting for them to say my name ok one more person I can make it without crying I know I can. That is when I hear my name called out Jessica Emma Love and as I walk to shake Mr. Homan’s hand I start tearing up its just like a big burst of emotion I can’t believe that I have done it I am free I never have to go back these past 13 years are over and I never have to go back ever! I clear up just enough for them to take my picture. Its official I am a high school graduate in a little over 2 months I will be a GCSU freshmen. I DID IT!

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