Ninth grade re-write And post script

19 Aug

I am laying here worrying about my pawpaw. I have a sick feeling in my stomach, I think something bad has happened. You know how on TV when a characters family members die and they just know. well that’s how I feel right now. I know he has been sick with cancer for a while. But I don’t want him to die or at least not before I can see and talk to him one more time. So I can say goodbye and that I love him. Get one last big protective hug that only he can give. Then have him say ‘who loves pawpaw?’ (Like he always does) and watch everyone raise their hands and say, ‘me!’  Also I want him to tell me that he is proud of me and everything I have done. That he knows of all the good I will do in the future and that he is proud to have me as his grand child. I just want to hear him tell me he loves me one last time. Just those three powerful words would mean everything.  Then all of a sudden I here Lauren coming into our room. I can tell she has been crying. This is when my worse fears become a reality. She comes over and says, “I just heard daddy on the phone saying ‘I’m sorry honey I wish I could have been there for you.’” In that one instance I knew my worst fears have been confirmed my wonderful loving pawpaw has died and I will never get my chance to say goodbye.


Post script:

Jessica said “Now that I am a proud aunt and published author. I look back and see how little things people said to me changed my life forever…”

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