Preparing Minds for Markets

24 Aug

In this passage Kozal definitely covers an important subject in low class urban areas these kids are told from an early age that this is the type of job you will have. Unlike in suburban middle class neighbor hoods you are told college is the way to go. So because you are told from an early age that this is what you are going to do and this is what you should do. It’s often where you end up.

My biggest thing is that kids in areas like that should be told that you have another option if you apply yourself you can go to college. So my question is why don’t people tell them what they can do? Instead of just assuming that they will all work in low paying retail jobs for the rest of their lives tell them that they can do better.

Another thing Why not just tell the children they can and should go to college? If you do then the poverty level will drop and this vicious cycle of telling them they will not do any better and then they don’t will end or at least decrease very steadily.

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