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Food inc.

29 Sep

In the documentary they talk about how the food we eat is bad for us and that we get it because its cheap. They back it up using statistics. 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will contract early on set diabetes. Which can be classified as a piece of emotional evidence because not only does it scare you that kids that are twelve years old or younger could get diabetes.  which is pretty sad as well that little ones would have to deal with that.


Add Cake, Subtract self esteem

21 Sep

This really is a problem in this nation because not only do I know exactly what she is talking about. I am guilty of criticizing not only myself and what I am eating. Also I criticize others and what they are eating. I do both of these things without thinking its a habit a  reflex that it just comes out without me stopping it. All these pictures of girls that are celebrities and models ridiculously skinny and I like many others say I wanna look that good. Its just not right or healthy.

How would you feel having to look at food that you want so bad but know you shouldn’t eat?

Do you plan your food schedule for the day? like if i eat this at this time then i can have that at that time.

The ultimate in local eating

15 Sep

It was definitely interesting the fact that you can find food everywhere. Foraging definitely sounds interesting not that I would do it because I would be the one that picked the poisonous plant and eat it before someone could tell me not to. I like it better when I can just go to the store and pick it up, because in my day to day life I wouldn’t have the time to learn what is safe. Let alone go out and find it.

Would you forage for food?

Is this a plausible way to get food?

Ever wonder if you could kill what you eat?

15 Sep

Baby chicken

Honestly it doesn’t bother me animals were put on this planet specifically for us to eat. I mean yeah it would be great if they could all live out a long happy life then be killed and served for dinner. But there just wouldn’t be enough meat for everyone to get the necessary nutrition you get from meat. Obviously one question to discuss is could you kill what you eat? Well I guess if I had to I would but I am not good at shooting partially because the gun is heavy. Also I couldn’t use an ax to kill a chicken because I couldn’t lift it let alone drop it with enough force and accuracy that it would take to kill it. So it wouldn’t bother me but because I have no arm muscles I can’t. I eat deer that my dad kills no matter if it has just barley lost its spots or if it is a full grown adult with a big rack on his head.

Does it really taste any different if it is raised in a factory or out free roaming on the grass?

Why do we eat cows and chickens but not dogs and cats?

Farmer and chief

12 Sep

I honestly agree with her because we eat really unhealthy in this country. Especially in schools that food is so bad for you. The garden is defenitly a good idea because not only is it better for you but it taste so much better. I love fresh tomatoes because when you bite in to them there is just an explosion of flavor in your mouth it is so refreshing and tasty.

So why not do it?

Wouldn’t you like to eat food that taste that good?

Waiting for superman

9 Sep

This movie broke my heart to see all these little kids with big dreams that they had so many obstacle in there way. Growing up for me it wasn’t ‘you might get to go’ it was ‘you are going’ so it was defenitly hard to watch. when i was watching the end i was hoping and praying that they would all get in but when they didn’t I felt just as disappointed as they all looked.

Why is it that the government and unions make it so hard for these kids to learn?

Why is it that we have bad schools in bad neighbor hoods?

Why do we let these smart little kids just slip through the cracks?