People Like Us

22 Oct

The United States is called the melting pot and it is said that we are a very diverse nation. That is not completely true because while it is true that we have people from many different nations living here but we segregate ourselves. Even if we don’t do it on purpose we do it just out of habit. If you were to look at your group of friends how similar are they to you? To each other? We separate ourselves based on many things like Religion, politics, race, money and the list goes on and on.  If you looked at my friends you would see for the most part girls that are Christian, republican, and of course college students. Now while I am not saying that all my friends fit exactly into that little bubble but most of them do. That’s not saying all my friends are college students, go to church on Sunday, or are planning to vote for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election. Now while it does apply to most of them we don’t agree on everything. But it goes to show that even I am guilty of putting myself with similar people to myself.


Do you do the same?


How do you separate yourself from others?

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