I Do. Not.

24 Oct

This essay is about how this woman doesn’t believe in monogamy which is when you are married to one man (or woman) for all of your life.  She list several reasons as too why she believes that marriage is not the right choice. This includes’ because marriage is about handing the woman off, like a baton, from her father to her husband she calls this the “traffic in women”’.  She says how it’s like the trade of property but that’s not true it’s not the change of property. It’s not like oh here is this book it’s yours now no it’s the care and protection of this woman is in your hands now. Her second point is ‘because the religious right and their defense of marriage act use marriage as a vehicle for homophobic legislation’. This isn’t true she only feels this way because she went through a bisexual phase, and the truth is yes it is illegal for gays to marry. But even if you have gay friends as long as you love the person you’re with why not get married unless you’re afraid of commitment. This covers her third point she could have ended up with a woman because she was with a few but the thing with that is she was just experimenting.  Her fourth point is she doesn’t believe in monogamy even though she has been with the same man for 7 years and has a child with him and that’s pretty much a monogamist relationship. They aren’t married but they might as well be. Her fifth point is that she will not be possessed but that isn’t what marriage is about. Marriage is a promise to love and care for each other until death do you part.  She says not being married means we get to keep choosing each other but honestly that just makes separating easier it was never official or legal. Her seventh point is that ‘because they have a kid together’ and she says that they will be in each other’s life’s forever so who needs marriage?  Then she says that they already have rings as a sign of commitment to each other. If you already have kids together, you have been together for at least seven year and you have rings then why not get married I mean come on be realistic. I obviously disagree.

Do you believe in monogamy? Why?

Why do you think she doesn’t other than her reasons that she listed? Do you agree with her?

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