This Mess

29 Oct

This piece was about her thoughts on feminism and motherhood. She compared her life in France to her life in the United States and how she saw motherhood and basic gender roles in both countries. She talks about the process she went through to write a book about the experiences of both “working moms” and “stay at home moms”. When as she put it they are both worked like dogs. Which I can agree is completely true my mom has always been a stay at home mom I mean yeah she has had a part time job or two but not a full time job. If you were to say she has never worked it would be a lie because she has never stopped. She works all night and day cooking and cleaning. On top of that she gets us where we need to and even where we want to go. Somehow she finds time to spend with each of us to make sure we are all happy, fed and have everything we need. Then with whatever time she has left she uses to take care of herself. So while most guys work a nine to five she works 24/7, 52 weeks a year, around the clock and just plain out works hard. Which most employers wouldn’t count as job experience but in my opinion there it shows a lot more work ethic and dedication than being able to hold a steady minimum wage job. Basically what this author did was fall into the stereotype’s and in order to learn she talked to real American women that work hard and almost never get a day off. This was a good thing for her to do but the whole article she talked about what she did to write a book. I keep thinking to myself what about this article in this book?

So what do you think who works harder a working mom or a stay at home mom? Or both?

Who works harder men or women?

Where should a woman work in a job or in the home?

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