Comparison of the Newman and Warren essay’s

31 Oct

In Catherine Newman’s essay” I Do Not- Why I Won’t Marry” she explains how marriage makes women an object. When a women and man get married the man is taking ownership of the women.  She changed her name to his and is initially signing her life to be committed to him. The man is the one usually ask for the women’s hand in marriage, he is the one in charge. Marriage has become a societal requirement it seems. There is a pressure from friends and family and society in general to find someone and get married. Once a man and a woman do marry the man is seen as the head of the household, the money maker, while the woman stays home and cleans and takes care of the kids. This is what Judith Warner talked about in “This Mess” About the struggle of traditional gender roles expected of men and women. She also discusses how in France men spend more time with their kids than their American counter parts. This is partly because many more mothers did work full time jobs and partly because, even in families where the husband’s sole wage earner, the cultural context that was leading American husbands to lord it over their wives was largely missing. This is a problem in America because the husband usually is the sole wage earner. This causes a hierarchy to form where the man’s status gets raised above the woman’s, which is not healthy for any relationship. Both Newman and Warren focus on personal experiences as evidence in order to prove their points and address the problem of the roles of both the man and woman in a relationship and parenthood.


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