Work v.s. Family, complicated by Race

31 Oct

She talks about how Motherhood for rich black women is a lot different than that of motherhood for rich white women. They aren’t focused on self-fulfillment but on the need to build sustainable wealth and security for their families. She has a quote from Pamela walker that says “my family can afford expensive things, but why would I think about spending hundreds on a stroller when I could help a cousin buy textbooks for college? That is not my world” Which really is true because most of these women come from less or have family that have less so they are more appreciative of what they have and so they think of others before they think about spending their money on lavish things they see the more worthwhile uses for their money.


One Response to “Work v.s. Family, complicated by Race”

  1. j3ssicalov3 October 31, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    sorry this is up late i Accidentally blogged on the wrong thing on Monday

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