See baby discriminate

14 Nov

This essay is very repetitive. It has a good message but even though it showed that it was a problem it didn’t show how to fix it. I never really thought about it because I grew up in a diverse school and even before I went to school when I was in Pre-School it wasn’t just Caucasian or African American we had Laocean, Egyptian and many others. To me it didn’t make a difference and honestly it all boils down to what attitude the parent has towards the other race. To me I didn’t see my friends as different I only saw them by their name. Granted now I do know the difference but race doesn’t matter to me its attitude and beliefs that makes me decide who to hang out with. That being said when we had foreign exchange kids at my school even in high school I was very interested in learning about them and being their friend.

How does race effect how you choose your friends?

Did your parents talk about race? Did whether or not they did affect how you saw race?


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