There’s no place like home

26 Nov

This piece is about how more people are starting to support local businesses because more people are staying put in one place. This makes them care more about the area around them. Also people are not constantly moving and adjusting to a new place they will actually become invested in surrounding business. Since some people are starting to work online from home they save time because there is no commute this means they have time to go out in the community and do something. As this society moves to a more stable suburban life style they have more time to spend in local businesses. In some cases this is true but in my small town where I come from which I have lived in for 14 years I don’t go to many of those places and I have no idea who owns them. But I do know some of the local officials and stuff simply because they were involved in the schools but that’s it.

Do you think this will help or hurt the economy?

Was this the case in the town you came from?


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